5 Reasons you should use an Advocate to make your Will

5 August 2020

  1. To help you to ensure that your loved ones get what you want them to receive
  2. To reassure you that your Will has been properly executed and is valid
  3. To make sure that your most important assets, such as your home, are transferred in the way you want
  4. To help you make changes during your lifetime to make inheritance or succession easier - for example, ways of structuring your family farm
  5. An advocate can act as and provide independent witnesses to help make sure that any challenges to your Will are easy for your executors to resolve

It’s in the best interests of yourself and your beneficiaries to go through an advocate to make a Will.

We understand writing a Will and organising your affairs can be a stressful and sometimes costly endeavour.

You may be tempted to use a D.I.Y. Will kit or seek out a bargain-basement price. However do remember: Caveat Emptor  “you get what you pay for”.

Here at Corlett Bolton we have advocates in Douglas, Port St Mary and Peel who would be pleased to see you at our offices or at your own home if you would like our help making a Will.

Call 676868 or 833708 to inquire or check out our new Online Wills Questionnaire today.