The Manx BirdLife Point of Ayre National Reserve Appeal

31 March 2020

kione ny h ayrey extract

Nature is an important aspect of daily life in the Isle of Man and is close to the heart of many members of the Corlett Bolton & Co team.

So when an opportunity arose to support the appeal to create a National Reserve at the Point of Ayre, we were delighted to be involved.

Manx Birdlife do wonderful things to protect and promote the value and interests of indigenous wild birds and those who come from further afield by undertaking regular surveys and censuses, conservation projects such as this one and engaging with the public on social media and through the yearly Isle of Man Garden Birdwatch.

The charity believes future generations should be able to enjoy the vibrant diversity of wild birds that we ourselves are able to enjoy today and relies on donations and the selfless work of volunteers to achieve this aim.

For more information and to donate or see how you can volunteer, visit their website here