Property and Land Matters

Residential Property

At Corlett Bolton we aim to take the stress out of buying or selling a property by keeping you informed along the way. 

We have an experienced team who provide excellent customer service and regular communication to reduce the likelihood of problems arising prior to completion through inadequate or irregular communication.

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Commercial Property

Do you own a business and need to relocate to new premises? Or are you just starting your business and looking for premises?

Once you've found the property right for you, whether you're buying or renting, we can ensure that it complies with the necessary local laws.  We can help you with everything from planning permissions to fire regulations.

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Landlord and Tenant

Whether you are letting out a property or moving in to one as a tenant, you need the right advice to protect your interests.

As a landlord you need to know that you will receive the rent you are entitled to promptly, and that your property will be looked after by your tenant. Should this not happen, we will provide advice on the remedies available to you, and the actions you can take to recover what is due to you.

As a tenant you need to know that you will be secure in your own home or business premises. You need to be fully aware of the terms of your lease, including your rights and obligations. Our professional review of your lease should remove the likelihood of any unpleasant future surprises.

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Mortgages and Re-mortgages

It can be that you want to realise some of the cash tied up in your property but without moving home. Should you wish to realise some of the equity in your property by way of additional finance secured with a second charge over that property, we can act for you efficiently and cost effectively to register such a transaction.

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